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Best in Parking d.o.o., Croatian subsidiari of Best in Parking - Holding AG (Vienna), took over "Cvjetni garage" in 1st Quarter 2017.

Cvjetni garage is located in the city center of Zagreb and can be easily reached by car. The garage is operated 0h-24h / 7 days a week, offers state of the art technology and provides the convenient parking spaces.

With a uniquely increased dimension of 3m per 6m the parking spaces offered in Cvjetni garage are highly comfortable and built to prevent your vehicle from unpleasant scratches.

The entrance area of the Cvjetni garage is located in the Varšavska street, which itself must be accessed from Ivan Gundulić street.

Cvjetni parking ulaz

The garage offers 292 parking spaces which are located on 5 underground floors. The underground floors are differently colored in order to help remembering your parking space on the respective parking floor.


  • -2 floor: Private garage
  • -3 floor: Private and public garage (blue color)
  • -4 floor: Public garage (green color)
  • -5 floor: Public garage (yellow color)
  • -6 floor: Public garage (red color)

Parking fee per hour is 12,00 HRK

Cvjetni parking ulaz


3 machines located at floor -1 (shopping center Cvjetni) and 1 machine per floor -4, -5, -6.

Cvjetni garage ensures a maximum safety standard for your vehicle with 24h video surveillance and security guards.


  1. The applicable conditions of use for parkers are displayed at the entrance area inside the garage.
  2. In case of non-acceptance of the conditions of use, immediate exit from the garage without payment is possible if it is carried out without delay.
  3. Possession of a parking ticket does not grant any direct claims in front of Best in Parking d.o.o. and / or any claims for liabilities to third parties, in particular for damage, vandalism or thievery, irrespective of whether the parking was authorized or not. Furthermore, Best in Parking d.o.o. cannot be held liable for any damage arising from technical equipment defects in the garage.
  4. After successful payment of parking fees, exit from the garage by car is possible for the parking ticket holder. Please note that in case of lost tickets a minimum parking fee of 200 HRK (depending on the actual parking time) will be levied.
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