8 tips for safe shopping time

13. July 2020.

Dear visitors, during the opening hours of the shopping center, please follow the rules to be as safe as possible, and we take care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the entire shopping center.

We bring you 8 tips on how to make your purchase as safe as possible:

  1. Practice social distancing within the store. The guideline is meter and half at indoor place or meter at outdoor place – the safe distance to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. An average grocery cart is meter and half long, so keep a distance of one grocery carts between you and others.
  2. Clean your hands by using hand sanitizers at the entrance and wash your hands in the toilettes.
  3. Write and cough into your elbows or into a tissue.
  4. Wearing masks is required and  wearing gloves is recommended! Wearing masks and gloves protect your health and the health of others. Wear a face covering & don’t touch your face!
  5.  Avoid expressions of politeness such as handshakes.
  6. Avoid unnecessary handling of all items in store. Try not to pick up cans or boxes or other products unless you plan to buy. Let your eyes guide your choice.
  7. Try new fashion combinations at home! When shopping for your favorite combinations, try your clothes at home.
  8. Use your shopping bags for your own safety and for environmental awareness
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